Saturday, August 24, 2013

USk Symposium Barcelona - Day 2 Workshop 3

Workshop 3 was Luis Ruiz' Actors and Stage which he had kindly located at Placa dels Angels, right beside CCCB. So hardly any walking that morning but yet another draw-like-hell undertaking because, as Luis had predicted, soon there was not going to be any shade left in the square. The shock of that forecast was soon forgotten as I started to draw the 'patterns that repeat itself' in the architecture around the square which was the first task. This was to set the stage.

I had so much fun with the straight-on views, I only managed one 2-point perspective.
The second part were the actors, the chaos that counter-balances the orderly architecture, the life between the buildings. The idea was to create density through line but not to draw each person rather to treat them as a mass. Focus will then be achieved through contradiction of line. My attempts turned into a few more drawings that hurt the eye too much, so I'll leave them where they are.
Finally, all was to be combined: a stage with repetitive features, actors that contrast the static with their density and chaos and light and dark to create further focus.

Unfortunately, my chaos and density here are limited, time just didn't allow for them. I did go back on a different day to finish things off but there really was no shade at that time. I was overwhelmed with the heat and had to go and sit under one of those umbrellas instead.

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