Thursday, August 15, 2013

USk Symposium Barcelona - Day 1 Workshop 2

Workshop 2 - the rainy one. Of course everybody had one of these, unfortunately this was the one I had most been looking forward to. But what do you do... You sit under a huge umbrella outside McDonald's and tell yourself that it's only water. Then you draw like hell because this was Veronica Lawlor's workshop and you don't want to miss a second of it.
The first 4 drawings are 4 different approaches of 4 different buildings, all beside each other at L'Illa de la Discordia: 1.various types of line 2.shapes 3.lines in any colour material 4.coloured lines and marks
I left out my second drawing because it hurts the eye.

The second part of the workshop was to take the 4 different techniques and combine them to make one drawing of the line of buildings using each approach as you feel is suitable.

I didn't have enough time in the end to finish up and although I'm happy enough with how I dealt with things I realized afterwards that I still looked at them as four seperate buildings rather than a row of houses. 
Mixing the different materials and attempts is very - here it comes: liberating. The pressure is off 'cause you know you are going to jump right into it and while you draw away you are making something of it because you are looking at it from many different ways: line, shape, colour and you have to make decisions about what you put where and with what. So, it's good and maybe one day we'll be in a league with Veronica Lawlor :)

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