Monday, August 5, 2013

USk Symposium Barcelona - Day 1 Workshop 1

These are the first sketches of the symposium: warm-up sketches in Marina Grechanik & Ea Ejersbo's workshop Urban Life at Mercat de la Boqueria. The aim was to quickly capture people going about their business at the market.
The best place to losen-up: people are constantly walking past you, everything seems to be moving all the time and the vendours go about their routine with such skill and speed it is fascinating to watch. When you draw it seems all you can do is react. There's no time to worry about your drawings.

Part 2 was trying to develop a story: using a double-page spread (in this case A3), the idea was to capture only certain people that seemed of particular interest and combine them with only certain elements of the market that would aid the 'story', all the while preserving the loseness built-up during the first sketches.

The last drawing built on the ideas of the first two and - I almost want to say - colour was allowed. I think there was big excitement to try out Marina's technique, like children finally opening our pots of paint. Marina's approach is to use watercolour and watercolour pencils in a way that they add to each other rather than copy each other. This seems simple enough but I required quite a bit of concentration and restraint. For some reason there is a need to draw a line around a blop of paint and in return to colour-in the pencil lines. Once you fight this you can achieve great things - I didn't really but I'm sticking with it.

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